A Political Science Thriller

“Kilowatt looks the looming electrical energy crisis in the eye and doesn’t blink. Neither will you once you read this compelling book. McHugh has spun an inspiring and entertaining tale about how ordinary working people can stand up to powerful corporate interests.”

Set during the final years of the Bush adminsration, Kilowatt tells the story of Reb Morgan and Alice Carpenter, journalists from a small community radio station in the mountains of northern California, who embark upon a perilous journey into the very heart of corporate America. EnerTex, a Texas-based energy company with close ties to the White House, claims to have discovered a revolutionary process for generating electricity that is both environmentally “clean” and affordable. But they refuse to reveal the details of this new technology under the pretense that to do so would threaten national security. Has EnerTex successfully found a way to address the world’s pressing energy needs and avoid global warming? Or have they, instead, opened a veritable Pandora’s box that could endanger the future beyond imagining? As Reb and Alice pursue their investigation, they encounter a brilliant but troubled physicist, a former colonel with Soviet Special Forces, a Texas oil man, an ambitious “deal originator,” a populist radio commentator, a high-level GOP “fixer,” the director of an energy watchdog group, a ruthless gang of Russian mobsters, and Avery Jordan Axton, the enigmatic president and CEO of EnerTex.

~Jim Hightower

Nationally syndicated radio commentator and author of Thieves In High Places


Softcover - 342 page - $15.95

"This book is great, easy reading, being rather difficult to put down. Once I entered into the depth of the pages, I was hooked. Kilowatt will take your mind off whatever you are stressed over right now, yet it will also cause you to pause and this for real? could be. Who's going to tell you if it is or is not real other than Joe McHugh and people like him? Stimulate your mind: buy and read this book."

~Kristen F. reader

“If you think you don’t have time to read this book, then this book is just for you.”

~Bill Radke

host of public radio station KUOW, Seattle

“Kilowatt is a great book, well written, and a real page-turner. McHugh has crafted a 21st century version of 'Woodstein' meets The China Syndrome, only this time the unlikely heroes are from small town public radio doing shoe-leather reporting and in battle with some truly nasty corporate villains.”

~Jeffrey A. Dvorkin director, Committee of Concerned Journalists and former head of news for National Public Radio

“Hurray for muckrakers! Kilowatt is a parable and cautionary tale about the nature of power for all of us who are still looking for the heart of America.”

~Bill Harley, Grammy Award-winning storyteller, playwright, and songwriter

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