Siezed by an intriguing idea. Could radio drama be used in the classroom to make learning more meaningful and fun? With a low-power FM transmitter Joe and Paula McHugh visited schools throughout the United States directing groups of students as they performed radio dramas complete with sound effects. These performances were broadcast "live" throughout the school campus. In doing this the McHughs had a great time and learned a lot about how to write and perform radio plays that actually worked with young people. Now these plays are available for teachers to use. Each Raven Radio Theater script comes complete with casting directions, detailed instructions for finding and/or making the necessary mechanical sound effects, a full set of sound effects cue cards, and mp3 files of theme music and background sounds customized for each play. Most of the plays can be performed by twenty to thirty-five students as readers theater, readers theater with sound effects, school assemblies and/or recorded. Raven Radio Theater productions have been enjoyed by students, teachers and their families since 1990 and have been broadcast on local radio stations.

Young people love stories and radio dramas are a great way to experience a story. At you will find original scripts for radio plays that can be performed by students in the classroom complete with background sound effects, and a wealth of information about this fascinating and unique art form. So look around, have a listen too, and discover for yourself how the creative use of radio dramas can make learning both exciting and an highly effective educational strategy.

Paula and Joe McHugh creators of

The Raven Radio Theater

Scripts are sold in electronic form. (PDF + Mp3)

Each Script Includes:

     • Easy to Follow Script

     • Casting Instructions

     • Sound Effects Instructions

     • Sound Effects Cue Cards

     • Music and Sound Effects (Mp3)

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